Lake District Wedding, Music and Boudoir Photographer

Hi! I am Gosia, a photographer based in Lancaster, a stone’s throw from the Lake District. I offer a broad range of photography styles, helping you create memories to last a lifetime.

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Nettlespie Photography

They say it takes a thousand words to tell a story which can be locked in a single picture... my aim is to tell as many unique stories as possible through my work - all the beautiful tales inspired by you!

These stories are your own; my job is to encapsulate them and make them last a lifetime. The reason why I love photography is that one look allows you to step back in time and feel all the excitement of the day, and best of all you can relive it again and again!

Photography, like any good reportage, will make you feel as if you were back right in the middle of things; with all the unique, authentic, personal and perfectly imperfect bits, and it will offer others a glimpse into what makes you YOU.

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In love with the pictures by Nettlespie Photography and memories to last forever... Bridie Louise - 2020

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