Hi. I'm Gosia, a.k.a. Nettlespie. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

Writing about myself is not my strongest point, so I will start simple - by saying I am Polish, living in a beautiful historic city of Lancaster.

I've always loved taking photos, mostly with my phone (it does scare me how good these things are becoming..), but after repeatedly being complimented on my ability to 'capture the moment' I decided to take this hobby to the next level.

Photography is my passion, and this is how I will always see it - not as a business. I have a full time job which is unrelated to photography, and so all the photos I take are created in my free time, as I am running around with my camera, probably talking and laughing far too much. For this reason, I usually only take 10 - 15 weddings a year, focusing on intimate weddings and elopements, with some music promo shoots in between.

I love moody, atmospheric, emotive style, and try to capture the feeling of the day in a candid fashion. My philosophy is that it is the photographer's work that should be seen, not the photographer. So if you would much rather enjoy the celebrations and once in a lifetime moments with your dearests than spending hours posing for photos - I’m your girl! I truly enjoy capturing all those spontaneous moments and making them last a lifetime. (Although, that doesn’t mean that we cannot take a more formal portrait or two ;-) )

I absolutely love going to new places and revisiting old ones so will happily follow you to your event - be it your wedding, your gig or even a location promo shoot session - to anywhere in the world.